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Launch A Podcast

Podcast Launch Accelerator

Audio editing is the removal of all the sounds that you don’t want in your recordings—this includes “ums,” long pauses, sneezes, coughs, throat clears, and resets. Our team is meticulous when it comes to editing, ensuring that each episode flows seamlessly, making for a better listener experience that your audience will appreciate.

Audio Editing

Search Engine Optimized show notes involves creating a summary of your episode to drive traffic to your website. We write a 2-4 paragraphs summary of your episode that highlights the high-points of your episode. Additionally, this it includes time markers for main topics, outbound links to sources and websites, and ID3 tagging. Show notes provide cross promotion, garnering more listens of your audio and various routes of access to your content to boost engagement.

SEO Show Notes

Transcription of your podcast is a word-for-word replay of your entire episode. We provide those to you in a word document or pdf format to utilize in a variety of ways such as on your website, on a blog, or with our marketing team to create social media content. Not only does transcription boost the SEO of your site, it appeals to potential listeners who may be readers that prefer written format as a starting point. Maximize the content you’ve already put in the work to create.


We offer one-on-one consultations for any questions that you may have related to podcasting. Need help figuring out what equipment to buy, advice on how to get started, tips on what to do to improve your current podcast, or assistance with engaging your audience? We can help!

One-on-One Consulting